NAMM 2014: Taurus Stomp-Head 1.BL announced

NAMM 2014: It's been well over a year now since our review of the impressive Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL, now the Polish firm has lifted the lid on a new amp - it's smallest yet - in the form of the BL.1.

As with the 4.SL, the first thing you'll notice about the BL.1 amp is that it's just as at home on the floor as perched atop a cabinet. This model is very much its own beast though, favouring a non-tube all-analogue design.

At just 2kg, it's likely one of the lightest amp options out there and the spec includes 50-watt power, a speaker output (suitable for 4, 8 and 16 ohm cabs), an effects loop and two channels with independent volume controls - not to mention an in-built footswitch.

Judging by the promotional video, we're guessing the BL (which stands for Black Line) is predominantly aimed at metal players. Check it out for yourself and then read the full press release below.

Taurus Stomp-Head 1.BL press release

We're proudly presenting the smallest amplifier from our Stomp-Head guitar-amplifiers line. It's a two-channel, 50-watt head that weights only 2 kg (4.4 pounds).

Until today, guitarists could choose between only two forms of amps: heads and combos. Now introduce a new breed: the Stomp-Head.

It's a pure analog design with unprecedented light weight and small size. The amplifier can be placed on a stage floor just beside the effects, in a traditional way on the top of the speaker cabinet or set up on an effect board. It features a built-in foot switch that allows fast channel and sound-shape changes during the performance.

Now you will know how it's like to take your sound whereever you go!

Stomp-Head 1.BL (1 foot-switch) features:

  • Power output: 50W
  • Speaker impedance selector: 4-8-16ohm
  • Auto detection speakers impedance
  • 2 channels: CLEAN and LEAD
  • 3 different sounds: CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE
  • 1 foot-switch for channel mode: CLEAN/ LEAD
  • Effects loop

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