NAMM 2014: Keeley teases four new pedals

NAMM 2014: Effects guru Robert Keeley has four new stompboxes on the way for 2014, according to teaser photos on the pedal-builder's Keeley Electronics brand website and Facebook.

It's early days and in lieu of an official press release, we don't know much about these yet, other than their names and basic functions.

Included in the new line-up is the Seafoam +, which builds on the recently released Seafoam chorus, adding stereo functionality and a vibrato mode to the original ES56033-based modulation pedal.

Next up is the FTW-109, labelled on the Keeley site as a 'wah fuzz creation interface', it seems to combine an adjustable filter with a fuzz circuit. There's also a 'frequency' footswitch, alongside the traditional power button.

The other fuzz of the group is dubbed the Clipper Fuzz looks like a more straight forward affair, offering fuzz, tone and level controls, plus a 'lo/hi' mini-switch, which we assume changes the available intensity or headroom - hence the 'clipper' tag.

The final pedal in the new batch is the Keeley Compressor Pro, which appears to offer a comprehensive set of compression controls including gain, ratio, attack, release and output dials, plus a soft/hard knee and auto settings (engaged via two mini-switches). Finally there's a foot switchable 'super squishy' mode.

That's all we've got on these for now, but keep an eye on the site as NAMM week continues for updates and confirmation on the above.

Matt Parker

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