NAMM 2013 VIDEO: three new Gretsch guitars unveiled

NAMM 2013: Gretsch Guitars is celebrating its 130th anniversary, and to celebrate, the company has unveiled the US Custom Shop 130th Anniversary Hollow Body model, available with a Metallic Gold finish on the top and black on the back and sides, with multiple silver-sparkle bindings.

But that's not all: Gretsch is also introducing the G7593T Billy Duffy White Falcon guitar, which re-creates and updates The Cult's favored White Falcon model... and even includes a towel (Duffy used to stuff hotel towels inside the f-holes to dampen the sound).

Last and not least, there's the new Center Block Series, which includes the Center Block Single Cutaway Falcon, Center Block Double Cutaway Falcon and the Center Block Panther models.

In the above video, Gretsch Guitar Product Manager Joe Carducci gives us the rundown on each.

Si Truss

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