NAMM 2010: Yamaha launches new SG guitars

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PRESS RELEASE: Launched in 1974 the Yamaha SG was the guitar that proved that Japanese guitars should be taken seriously. With the classic SG2000 developed in association with Carlos Santana, the SG has long been a players favourite thanks to a combination of incredible sound, outstanding playability and individual styling.

As part of Yamaha's 'Generation Rock' direction for electric guitars and basses, 2010 sees the launch of 3 new SG models - developed in direct response to player requests and what guitarists want Yamaha SGs to be in 2010. Using direct feedback from Yamaha's London, LA and Tokyo Artist Relations offices, the guitars are specced with the custom-shop parts that artists want and need and finished with new simpler cosmetics that players have been asking for.

All featuring Japanese handmade set-neck construction, African Mahogany body and neck and maple top, the new SGs feature totally updated no-compromise specifications to finally make the stadium-ready guitars that Yamaha have been producing for artists available to the public.

New SG Features

New Body Carve

The new SG1800 models feature a deeper carve in the guitar's top for improved tone and a more contemporary, custom-shop look.

New Headstock Design

Smaller headstocks with simpler inlays give a more modern look

Rosewood fingerboard

All new SG models feature a premium rosewood fingerboard as opposed to the classic SG's ebony

Side-mounted Jack Socket

The output jack on the new SGs is moved from the front of the guitar to the side

Bracket-mounted scratchplate

Right-angle scratchplate mounting makes removal easier without unsightly holes in the guitar's top

Custom-shop spec

TUSQ nut, CTS pots, Switchcraft toggleswitches, TonePros bridges, locking Grover Machinheads and SKB cases

Choice of models

SG1820 'SG Classic' - Nickel hardware, nickel covered Duncan '59 pickups, classic SG inlays, choice of black, vintage white or brown sunburst finishes

SG1820A 'SG Modern' - Black nickel hardware, EMG 81/85 pickups, 'modern' inlays, choice of black or silverburst finishes

SG1802 'SG Vintage' - Nickel hardware, Duncan SP90-3 high-output P90 pickups, dot inlays, choice of black or goldtop finishes

Available: July 2010

For more information, visit Yamaha's official site

Information taken from official press release

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