Me and my guitar: Reba Meyers (Code Orange)

One half of the guitar team behind Roadrunner hardcore signees doesn't like SGs, but for her this LTD Viper is a very different animal.

Railhammer pickups

"This is the guitar I've played for our entire band's career, pretty much. It's an ESP Viper 1000 and currently it has Railhammer pickups in it.

The Railhammers are really cool. They're very thick pickups and they're passive

"I played EMGs for a long time and I liked them, I've tried some Lace pickups too but so far the Railhammers are really cool. They're very thick pickups, they're passive, which is kind of a different thing, but they still sound active, and that's really good."


"I actually used to play bass in Code Orange a long time ago and I got this from a friend who was filling in. I paid $300 for it, so I got a decent deal. It plays really well and the action is really nice.

"It's been durable too, only a couple of little things needed repairs. I really like it, and here's no need for me to change something that's been consistently good."

Not an SG

"Honestly I hate SGs, which is interesting as this is kind of like an SG shape. The colour is the best in my opinion; it's black but it's got a little something to it.

"A lot of people do play ESPs, but I feel like I see more of the Les Paul body ones but I think the Viper has got a better look and feel. And it's not too heavy so it's easy to move around."


"The only thing I've done with is just put in a kill switch, which I don't really use that often. But I always have the tone knob up, so why not put something in there?"

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