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Magnetic Effects channels the sound of King Crimson with Buzzer fuzz pedal

London's Magnetic Effects has announced the Buzzer UVB-76, a limited-edition clone of the rare Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz pedal, most famously heard at the hands of Robert Fripp on King Crimson's classic In The Court Of The Crimson King.

Promising tones between a Tone Bender and Big Muff from a trio of NOS germanium transistors, Magnetic Effects' version adds a master control and polarity reverse circuit, enabling guitarists to run the pedal on standard 9V DC power supplies, and even daisy-chain it along with other stompboxes.

Since the Buzzaround's balance control controls tone and volume simultaneously, the addition of a master control enables players to explore these higher regions at more manageable volume levels, too - nice touch.

The Buzzer is available now for £110 direct from Magnetic Effects.