Jack White's Dead Weather invent triple-decker vinyl

The Dead Weather on stage in LA
The Dead Weather on stage in LA (Image credit: ANDREW GOMBERT/epa/Corbis)

The Dead Weather - Jack White's 'other' band alongside The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, the one where he sits behind the drums - have announced the release of a new single, Blue Blood Blues.

The single will be released on 7-inch vinyl format with a live B-side, as well as a 12-inch version with a couple of different tracks on the reverse. All pretty standard stuff. Not really that news worthy, right? But wait! There's more…

The track will also be released in a third vinyl format, something that White is calling a 'triple-decker record'. This basically involves a standard 12-inch record, complete with B-sides, with another 7-inch inside it. Said 7-inch will feature an exclusive, unreleased Dead Weather song.

All sounds pretty confusing and impressive doesn't it? Well, watch the video above to see White explain how it works. Personally, we feel the air of hi-tech wonder is sort of blown when he points out that you'll probably "require a Swiss-Army knife or screwdriver" to get into the thing.

Call us old-school but we're not too keen on taking a knife to our record collection. So maybe the triple-decker record isn't the future of music technology. Sorry Jack.

Blue Blood Blues is released today. A limited 300 'triple-decker' versions are available through Third Man Records.

Si Truss

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