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It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White

Page, Edge and White get 'Loud'
Page, Edge and White get 'Loud'

A while back, we told you about It Might Get Loud, a new documentary which focuses on the unique playing styles of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

The picture had its unofficial premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and will have its official unveiling at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Directed by Davis Guggenheim (Oscar winner for An Inconvenient Truth), the movie revolves around a single day when Led Zeppelin's Page, U2's Edge and The White Stripes's White meet, sit down together, share stories, teach and play.

In one scene, as the guitarists banter with one another about their influences, Page pulls out a Link Wray album, the Edge pulls out an album by the Sex Pistols and White whips out an album by the Flat Duo Jets.

Like we said, they're unique.

Once It Might Get Loud unspools in Totonto, it should be hitting theaters in either late '08 or early '09.