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Gallows 'slaughter a pig' for new album


Gallows have finished their "already banned" second album Grey Britain, the follow-up to 2006's Orchestra Of Wolves.

But while the artwork inlays are censored, you can't stop a bunch of punks recording a pig's 'dying breath' in the name of art…

"We went into a Halal slaughterhouse where a pig was getting slaughtered for food," bassist Stu Gili-Ross told NME. "I wouldn't say it was a pig getting murdered, that's a bit strong. It was going to die anyway so we just turned up with a microphone and captured the sounds."


Perhaps they should partner-up with Franz Ferdinand: big fans of the 'human bone sample'.

There are more gory details (and a bit more on the artwork censorship) in this video. Grey Britain drops on 4 May.