G&L unveils the ASAT Classic Alnico

G&L, the firm founded by Leo Fender and fellow Fender alumni George Fullerton in the late 70s, has announced a new alnico pickup-equipped variant of its T-style model, the ASAT Classic.

The new model replaces the Magnetic Field Design single-coils of the traditional ASAT Classic with a pair of Alnico V pickups that have been specced by Paul Gagon (the veteran engineer who's worked for Fender, Jackson/Charvel and G&L).

Alnico V pickups are traditionally prized for their well-rounded tone and their twang-y punch and G&L claims its new Alnico V Neck, in particular, "offers a fuller tone that leaves those anemic old pickups in the dust."

What's really cool though (sorry, they don't let us out much), is that G&L is marking the occasion with a limited run of 100 ASAT Classic Alnico guitars featuring Sugar Pine bodies and Autumn Burst finishes (as opposed to the Swamp Ash bodies of the standard model), which the firm says is reminiscent Leo Fender's early prototypes.

Either way, they certainly look the part. Check out the gallery to see both finishes.

Matthew Parker

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