Froggy Bottom D14 Deluxe

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: While Froggy Bottom guitars have often been associated with fingerstyle instruments such as the K, M and parlour models (and that's absolutely as it should be), they also excel at larger bodies designed for the flatpicker in you! Power, tone... Everything you could ask for in a great dread.

With east Indian rosewood back and sides and an adirondack spruce top, this D14 Deluxe takes the dreadnought design to new heights. The 1.75" nut width makes this a comfortable guitar for the fingerstyle player and the 16" lower bout (slightly wider than a Martin) gives the design power to make it the weapon of choice for the discerning singer-songwriter or bluegrass player.

"This is a real player's guitar, equally capable of power and subtlety" - Richard Thomas

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Froggy Bottom are represented in Europe by The North American Guitar.

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