Fall Of Troy's Thomas Erak talks influences and new album plans

Fall Of Troy's Thomas Erak interviewed at Download 2008
Fall Of Troy's Thomas Erak interviewed at Download 2008

For the uninitiated, The Fall Of Troy are a three-piece alternative rock band from Washington State that combine power and melody with a ferociously progressive mindset, with blazing guitar lines snaking around unpredictable time signatures.

Backstage at Download 2008 (opens in new tab), MusicRadar caught up with Fall Of Troy singer and guitarist Thomas Erak. Fresh from a triumphant, explosive set, Erak took the time out to discuss the band's plans for their next album, his favourite gear and also reveal some of the influences that have shaped his playing, both on guitar and keyboards.

For a taster of the band, check out the promo video for Cut Down All The Trees And Name The Streets After Them, from their most recent album, Manipulator (opens in new tab).

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