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Ernie Ball Music Man launches 40th Anniversary StingRay Bass, Old Smoothie

Ernie Ball's StingRay Bass remains one of the definitive bass designs, and to commemorate its 40th anniversary, Ernie Ball Music Man has masterminded the Old Smoothie StingRay Bass.

Named after a prototype from 1976 - designed by Leo Fender and given to Sterling Ball - the Old Smoothie promises a one-of-a-kind instrument.

Key to the bass's unique nature is a 10-pole piece pickup design, reminiscent of the vintage '70s StingRay sound - all other aspects of the original basses have been replicated, too, from the body, headstock and pickguard shape to 34" maple neck and fingerboard, active electronics, hardware and Smoothie Burst finish.

The Ernie Ball Music Man Old Smoothie is available to preorder from Ernie Ball for $1,999, including a hardshell case.