Duff McKagan to become financial columnist for Playboy

Duff can rock your portfolio
Duff can rock your portfolio

Some guys will go to extreme lengths to get into the Playboy Mansion. Take Velvet Revolver's Duff McKagan. The bassist has signed on to write a financial column for Playboy.

OK, in truth, the married, father of two could probably swing an invite to Hef's crib anytime he wants (though we don't know how Mrs. McKagan would feel about that), but what the heck does he know about the world of big business?

Quite a lot, actually. After the original Guns N' Roses lineup splintered, McKagan moved back to Seattle and went to business school. He was just one semester shy of his Bachelor's Degree before Velvet Revolver started, but still, he learned plenty.

A "voice of the people"

"Perhaps bring down some of the criminals on Wall St." Duff McKagan on one of his potential goals as a financial columnist

In his weekly column for The Seattle Weekly, McKagan addresses his new role at Playboy. "I do find how money works rather fascinating," he writes. "I think part of my mission statement for Playboy may be to perhaps try and shed some light and maybe even bring down some of the criminals on Wall St.

"Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe be a voice for the people - one that can't be bought (well, no one has ever actually tried to bribe me, but I'll let you know if they do!)."

MusicRadar has an idea for one of McKagan's upcoming articles: Why would anybody let Axl Rose spend $13 million on Chinese Democracy? Something tells us Duff may have some interesting insight.

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