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DOD's Carcosa pedal promises to take you to an "alternate fuzz universe"

DigiTech had been touting two releases at Summer NAMM: the first was the Nautila Chorus/Flange, and the second - from DigiTech-owned DOD - is the gnarly-sounding Carcosa Fuzz.

Aiming to deliver classic fuzz tones alongside zanier, splattier offerings, the Carcosa offers an 'after' bias control to go between the two, while two toggle positions expand the tonal palette: Hali, for tight lows, and Demhe to boost low-mids.

Elsewhere, a hi-cut control allows the pedal to take on more treble-booster-like qualities for amp-boosting purposes, while 'before' controls gain and output handles volume duties.

We're liking the sounds of this a lot. The Carcosa is available now for £89/$99.99.