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Could this $4 multi-contact jack "greatly improve" your guitar tone?

The standard 1/4" guitar jack hasn't changed since its use in the very first electrics - despite our best April fools efforts to convince you otherwise - but Pure Tone hopes to revolutionise the way you plug in with its multi-contact output jack.

While traditional guitar cables offer one point of contact, Pure Tone's socket features four, promising "greatly improved" high and low frequencies, as well as eliminating frequency spikes and minimising noise.

Pure Tone also claims the Multi-Contact jack can handle up to 500 volts, while its tensioned design locks cables securely in place.

In principle, it all sounds like a good idea, and should make for a more reliable jack, if nothing else.

As for improved tone, the jury's out, but at $3.89 per jack from Pure Tone Technologies, it's a small price to pay to find out.

In the meantime, if you need to fix your guitar's current jack, take a look at our guide to troubleshooting and fixing your guitar's electrics.