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Could Nels Cline's ToneConcepts GOO pedal be "the solution to all your distortion needs"?

Wilco guitar hero and bona fide pedal nut Nels Cline has launched a signature distortion pedal with Toronto, Canada's ToneConcepts, which he calls "the most expressive, touch sensitive, and responsive distortion pedal I've ever experienced."

Visually inspired by classic 1958 horror flick The Blob, GOO packs controls for volume, shininess and viscosity, and promises to cover genres from rock to alternative to jazz fusion to blues.

These are big claims, but given Cline tested the pedal in the studio and on tour for 12 months, we trust his judgement - you can see him run through the pedal's sounds in the video above.

Only 250 of these tone monsters will be produced in 2016 - the GOO is available now from ToneConcepts for $289.