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Catalinbread's Fuzzrite recreates '60s classic

By Catalinbread's normal flamboyant standards, its new Fuzzrite's sleek enclosure looks positively restrained. But the Portland, Oregon-based boutique pedal makers promise that it will in fact enable you to recreate the iconic fuzz heard on such rip-roaring period pieces as Iron Butterly's In-A-Gada-Da-Vida and, more recently, in the Black Keys' output.

The newly hand-built unit uses the classic silicon circuit to evoke the original's 'splatty, raw and unapologetic' tones, while adding the option for a 9V power supply.

Catalinbread's Fuzzrite is available now for $149. For more info head over to Catalinbread.

Catalinbread Fuzzrite Features:

  • Faithful recreation of the original classic circuit
  • Saturated, gnarly, sixties fuzz
  • True bypass
  • Hand-made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Accepts standard 9v center-negative power