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Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck plays guitar while skydiving, dog sledding and speedboating

We've seen our fair share of frosty gig receptions, but Matt Tuck takes the (iced) biscuit, after the Bullet For My Valentine frontman performed on air, sea and land continuously in freezing Norway.

Forming part of Jägermeister's Ice Cold Gig series, Tuck and friends ascended to 15,000 feet above the Lyngsfjord region of Norway, before freefalling with instructors into the -30°C Norwegian air - Tuck played BFMV track The Last Fight as he descended.

Next up, the group hit a speedboat while Tuck performed Venom, before Siberian huskies took them through the Norwegian snow towards the Gukkesgaissa Mountains; Tuck simultaneously serenaded the dogs with Bittersweet Memories. You can see highlights of the stunt above.

"I've played some incredible gigs around the world, but that was right up there, literally," says Tuck.

"It's my first skydiving experience, so dealing with the excitement and nerves - even before you add in the ruthless cold - was intense, but totally worth it. It's awesome to say you did a world's first in music, but to do it with my best mates, the guys who were there with me from the beginning, made it unforgettable."