Build your own stompbox circuit with Beavis Board

Wanna be the next Tom Scholz? Well, even if you don't lead a mega-platinum band, you can learn to build your own stompbox circuits with the Beavis Board.

The Beavis Board is a kit designed to give you a platform for learning and building. If you can follow along with simple instructions, you can create and mod classic and brand-new stompbox circuits. From frustrated newbie to seasoned pro, you'll find all you need in this package.

The Beavis Board allows you to build a huge array of stompbox circuits including overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, filters, amplifiers, tremolos, noise generators, oscillators and more; learn about the different components and how they work to shape your guitar's signal; modify stompbox designs to tailor your sound; easily try out your circuits through a true-bypass breakout box .

Here's what you get with each package:
A true-bypass i/o breakout box that makes it easy to connect circuits to the real world, i.e. your guitar, amps and pedals
A pair of breadboards to build on
A big collection of components: resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs and more, specially selected for building some of the coolest stompbox/audio circuits
A digital multimeter (DMM) that makes learning and troubleshooting much easier
The Hacker's Guide to the Beavis Board, a comprehensive guide that shows you how to easily build and mod circuits

Breadboard layouts are included for loads of great projects, including MXR Distortion, Brian May Treble Booster, Orange Squeezer Compressor, DOD Overdrive 250, Fuzz Face and many more.

The cost for the whole deal is an astounding $249.00US. To order, contact Oh, but they're sold out until July. Be patient.

Joe Bosso

Joe is a freelance journalist who has, over the past few decades, interviewed hundreds of guitarists for Guitar WorldGuitar PlayerMusicRadar and Classic Rock. He is also a former editor of Guitar World, contributing writer for Guitar Aficionado and VP of A&R for Island Records. He’s an enthusiastic guitarist, but he’s nowhere near the likes of the people he interviews. Surprisingly, his skills are more suited to the drums. If you need a drummer for your Beatles tribute band, look him up.