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BSM recreate classic Treble And Bass booster

BSM's new VX-C stompbox
BSM's new VX-C stompbox

Vox's Treble And Bass booster pedal of the '60s was something of a classic, and BSM have now produced an authentic sounding copy of the out-of-production stompbox.

The VX-C Classic model includes a wide-ranging tone control that allows everything from a woolly bass tone up to a sparkling high-end vintage sound. It's also possible to produce the sound of a half-cocked wah-wah pedal, set to a fixed middle position. This will give the legendary sound of UFO's '70s guitarist Michael Schenker or David Bowie's late sideman Mick Ronson.

The booster is true bypass but is only powered by battery with no external power supply. Warranty period is one year for all mechanical parts (including switch, pots and jacks) and three years for the electronics. Price is €180.00.

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