Andy Burrows: "Razorlight was hell"

Razorlight: Burrows (far right) and Borrell (far left)
Razorlight: Burrows (far right) and Borrell (far left)

Drummer Andy Burrows, who quit Razorlight last week, has finally admitted that he and frontman Johnny Borrell just didn't get on.

The 29-year-old sticksman told the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper that being in Razorlight "was hell. I'm so glad I'm out of it.

"I hated being in the band. Johnny and I didn't get on. Now I've got my freedom.

"He never wanted people to know that we both wrote songs and I couldn't be in control. I'm happy again. Don't get me wrong - I had some fond memories. We achieved some great things together and had amazing experiences. But now at least I'm happy.

"I'm drumming for We Are Scientists, working on my own material and doing stuff for other bands."