A guitar pedal that makes fart sounds has smashed its target on Kickstarter

If we squint enough and peer intensively through the mists of time we can just about picture cavemen rolling around in hysterics on dirt floors while making jokes about flatulence. And here we remain, left with the the enduring legacy of the fart joke. Is it any wonder it's now taken effects pedal form with a new Kickstarter campaign?

The Fart Pedal is the work of "serial silly projects guy" Steve Gadlin and has blasted past its £22,165 goal with pledges of £26.760 and counting with 23 days to go. Clearly there's always room on the pedalboard for some hot air.

Further reading reveals Gadlin has done his R&D on this. "The fart noises generated by The Fart Pedal aren't your run of the mill Spencer Gifts fart machine toots," he boasts. "I worked with an award-winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke, custom fart noises, for which I hold the exclusive license. These fart noises have been tailored specifically for a guitar amplifier, and tuned for exceptional live or studio performance. 

Fart Pedal

(Image credit: Steve Gadlin)

Amos Heller, Taylor Swift bassist and friend of Gadlin, has even taken part in a blind test of The Fart Pedal and received one of the five prototypes ahead of full production in December. We're sure Taylor will allow time in the set for it - maybe during Look What You Made Me Do. 

What's really convinced us is how The Fart Pedal, with its innovative wet and dry switches, enhances classic songs that you didn't think could possibly be improved…

Join in with the fun over at Kickstarter

Rob Laing
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