GoranGrooves’ mix-ready drum plugins could be what your productions are missing

Something described as ‘mix-ready’ needs to be both easy to use and of extremely high-quality to be considered for seamless integration into your workflow. There are plenty of products that can achieve one but perhaps not the other. 

Handy Drums from GoranGrooves are different. These virtual drum plugins feature meticulously recorded drums all wrapped in one of the simplest interfaces you’re likely to come across. So, no matter your background or skill level, Handy Drums will provide you with everything you need to add realistic, high-quality-sounding drums to your tracks.

Depending on the plugin or instrument, drums and cymbals contain up to 15 dynamic layers and 12 round-robin groups so you know you’ll be getting real-feeling grooves every time. 

Most of the drums retain the natural studio ambience in which they were initially recorded, leaving you only needing to make finer tweaks to sit in your mix.

Whether you want to buy them individually or as part of a package, Handy drums are laid out in a variety of musical genres to suit your own musical style; from rock to reggae and metal to Latin, there’s plenty to choose from. How you approach Handy Drums is up to you. You can either keep things simple with the mixer UI, which allows you to adjust the volume of each drum element or dive deeper inside to access more advanced features.

If working within a DAW, you can route drum components to individual channel outputs giving you greater flexibility over your mix. As well as running as plugins, Handy Drums can also run in standalone mode on Mac and PC, giving you control over features such as drum mapping and a variable hi-hats controller curve, helpful for anyone hooking up to an electronic drum kit.

To find out more and try them out for free, visit the GoranGrooves Library now.