Go beyond the blues with this pentatonic scale guitar solo lesson over major chords

The pentatonic scale offers a world of creative possibilities for your playing, but sometimes players can get stuck finding new creative solo ideas with it, especially if you're a rock-based guitarist playing over a major chord progression. 

In this lesson, guitar tutor and Elixir® Strings artist Phil Short shows you inspiring new approaches to break out of a minor pentatonic scale rut in your blues, rock or metal solos over two simple major chord progressions.

Phil's video tutorial features some great tricks on how to target specific notes in the classic and hugely popular minor pentatonic scale, playing over major chord progressions. He also demonstrates when you might want to use specific approaches in your own solos.

(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

Phil Short uses Elixir® Strings with Optiweb® Coating on his electric guitars. "No other strings come close to giving me perfect tone, tuning and intonation," says Phil. "I can't live without them!" 

In 2016 Phil took first place in the international Guitar Idol competition and has toured internationally with acts including Westlife, Tyler James and Chipmunk. In addition to his role as Associate Lecturer at BIMM, he is also a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques magazine. 

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