Gilmour's Pink Floyd rotary speaker sound in a pedal? Say hello to the Dawner Prince Pulse

Croatia's Dawner Prince Electronics make no secret of the iconic tones its going after with its new Pulse pedal; the custom Doppola rotating open speaker cabinets that David Gilmour used on the 1994 Division Bell tour and based on the the vintage Gibson Maestro Rover RO-1 he used in the studio for the album. 

Rotating speaker cabs have been part of Gilmour's rig since the early '70s Floyd era, but the Division Bell tones that inspire the Pulse are not a Leslie-simulating sound; it has more of an open character. 

The Pulse also has more of a flange effect to its sound compared to tremolo vibes of the many Leslie-esque pedals on the market. 

(Image credit: Dawner Prince)

It's Gilmouresque enough to have got Bjorn Riis's attention over at the fantastic online resource You can check his superb demo of the Pulse out below. 

The Dawner Prince Electronic Pulse well set you back $339.95 over at

Check out some more player demos of its tones below. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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