Get pro-level recordings on your desktop with the Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core

Taking the next step as a producer can be hard, especially when thinking about levelling-up on the amount of gear required. This is a point where keen investment is key and the central hub for your tracking, monitoring and mixing is the perfect place to start.

Choosing the right audio interface to help you excel in the next phase of your career is of the utmost importance and you’ll need a product that can fulfil everything you need now and everything that is around the corner.

Antelope Audio’s Zen Q Synergy Core is the perfect interface to help you obtain pristine recordings in a footprint that won’t clog up your studio and at a price that won’t break the bank, but does have features that will future-proof your pro-level productions from some time to come.

Within Zen Q are legendary console-grade, discrete preamps and AD/DA converters which are then combined with Antelope Audio’s 64-bit AFC clocking technology to create the basis of a very powerful recording system.

The hardware is finely finished off with a suite of 37 Synergy Core effects that can be deployed in realtime when tracking and mixing your projects. Each one is meticulously modelled on proper vintage gear, helping you dial in those iconic sounds from the past 50 years or experiment to create something new.

To help you achieve all of this, the interface is equipped with two preamps and I/O to facilitate two mic/line/Hi-Z inputs, two separate analogue line/Hi-Z inputs providing a total of four analogue inputs. However, should you need more channels to record larger projects, then you can utilise the ADAT and SPDIF inputs with external gear.

For more information on the Zen Q, check out the Antelope Audio website.