Fulltone announces versatile, downsized Full-Drive 2 V2 pedal

The Full-Drive 2 is frequently hailed as one of the greatest overdrives of all time, and now Fulltone has announced its successor, the Full-Drive 2 V2.

Based around the JRC4558 chip and the ’90s Full-Drive circuit, the FD V2 boasts two toggle switches for additional tones, crammed into a smaller chassis than the original.

Fulltone describes the left switch clipping options as follows:

  • Comp-Cut - removes clipping diodes, not a clean boost because it can distort the opamp.
  • Flat Mids - a late 1990’s Fulltone invention that feeds signal back on to the clipping diodes removing the Mid-hump.
  • Vintage - traditional 90's Full-Drive slightly asymmetrical clipping.

While the right handles these three:

  • Wide - combines Mosfets & Schottky Diodes for more clarity, less compression, a more D*mble-like sound.
  • Standard - traditional 90's FD2 slightly asymmetrical.
  • Half-Clipped - another Fulltone exclusive, only clips the top waveform for extreme clarity, feel, and touch like you've never experienced!

Elsewhere, there are two footswitchable channels with individual gain and tone controls, Fulltone’s ‘No-Pop’ true bypass circuit and 9-18V power supply operation.

The Full-Drive 2 V2 is set to land on 15 July, with the price tag TBC. See Fulltone for more info.

Michael Astley-Brown

Mike is Editor-in-Chief of GuitarWorld.com, in addition to being an offset fiend and recovering pedal addict. He has a master's degree in journalism, and has spent the past decade writing and editing for guitar publications including MusicRadar, Total Guitar and Guitarist, as well as a decade-and-a-half performing in bands of variable genre (and quality). In his free time, you'll find him making progressive instrumental rock under the nom de plume Maebe.

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