Forget smart amps, the new Vox VH-Q1 headphones are the ideal small, mobile monitoring studio for guitarists

Vox unveiled its latest headphones during NAMM’s Believe In Music event and while on the outside you’d be forgiven in thinking that the amp manufacturer is just jumping on the ANC bandwagon, the VH-Q1 headphones have another trick up their sleeve that helps them stand out from the crowd.

The feature in question is Smart Monitoring, which utilises the active noise cancelling system, allowing you to monitor external sound sources whilst listening to music. 

It’s the perfect solution for players who want to practise alongside backing tracks and are either playing an acoustic instrument or don’t have an amplifier with Bluetooth or aux input.

With the ANC enabled, users are able to cycle through different EQ settings, courtesy of the Sound Enhancing button. Starting with a flat EQ setting, there are a further five to choose from which will enable you to fine-tune your playing to suit the environment and backing tracks.

Of course, guitarists aren’t getting all the fun, with two EQ settings reserved for bass. Better still, thinking slightly outside of the box and the VH-Q1 will be more than at home with anyone wanting to practise the piano and even vocals.

The VH-Q1 headphones are available now for £299 and you will find more information on the Vox website.