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Fix those bad vocal recordings with ease in oeksound soothe2

Coming up with ideas whilst out and about usually means capturing on an iPhone, or similar,  only to then re-record properly once you’re back in your studio space. No matter the level of your recording equipment, it’s guaranteed to yield much better results than that of a smartphone. But what if you don’t have access to a proper microphone? Then it’s soothe2 from oeksound to the rescue.

The newest update to oeksound’s dynamic resonance suppressor plugin has all the tools you need to polish those scratch recordings and actually make them useable within your productions

Designed to remove harshness from close mic’d sound sources, soothe2 can clear the muddiness, boominess, and proximity effect often associated with smartphone microphones. More importantly, the plugin can also effectively treat harsh sibilance and smooth out the tonal balance from suboptimal recordings. 

In this video, Adam is taking a roughly recorded vocal take captured on an iPhone SE, and with the aid of soothe2’s smartphone preset “Let’s just record it with my iphone”, he is able to finely craft and tame the unwanted frequencies from the recording. Giving him far better source material to slot into a track.

Not only can soothe2 save you time, but you’re also able to retain that initial vibe that can never be replicated when transferring to a studio to re-record vocal takes.

If you want to see if soothe2 can work for you then oeksound is offering a 20-day trial license before committing to a full product license. 

soothe2 is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX formats (Mac and PC) and costs £179 (upgrade for £45). For more information, check out the oeksound website.