The EVO 16 is Audient's most powerful interface yet

(Image credit: Audient)

Today EVO announce the EVO 16, their most powerful interface yet - and there’s no shortage of things to love about it. Delivering accurate studio-quality sound, extensive connectivity, multi-channel Smartgain, and a Motion UI system that provides unparalleled control, the EVO 16 makes great recording effortless.

Audio performance

There’s a lot to look for in an audio interface, but the single most important attribute is without doubt audio performance. EVO recognise this, and that’s why the EVO 16 offers stunning sound quality for studio-grade recordings. It’s equipped with eight award-winning  analogue mic preamps that are backed by 25 years of engineering know-how to consistently deliver clean and transparent audio, noise-free signals and 58dB of mic gain. 

Not only sonically impressive, the EVO Preamps are digitally controlled, ensuring that you’re able to run any recording session like a pro. Gain can be dialled in precisely, stereo pairs can be perfectly matched, and the EVO’s screen will provide real-time visual feedback to keep you in control. Benefitting from advanced converter technology that EVO have spent over two decades developing, the EVO 16’s high-performance converter is capable of an unbelievable 121dB of dynamic range.

Multi-channel Smartgain

The EVO 16 is a versatile, feature-packed interface that’s suitable for all types of musicians, producers and recording enthusiasts. This includes drummers, bands and synth players, who’ll be instant fans of the interface’s Smartgain technology. This enables the user to automatically set the gain across all eight channels at the touch of a button, making complex recording sessions easier than ever before. 

This is ideal for anyone working with multiple mic inputs and a number of channels. Taking the guesswork out of setting gain, this saves time and eliminates hassle, meaning that musicians and producers can spend less time fine-tuning settings and more time doing what they love - recording. 

Motion UI

Unlike the majority of competitors, EVO 16 is equipped with a full-colour, high-resolution screen. This is a game-changing feature that makes controlling the interface and staying on top of any recording session easier, quicker and more interactive. Motion UI intelligently displays information as and when it’s needed, so that recording with the EVO 16 becomes an immersive experience comparable to using a smartphone or a DAW. 

Crucially, this allows producers and musicians to stay in their creative zone while they’re recording, avoiding those difficult moments when the flow is interrupted and making more space for creativity. Motion UI provides a centralised, one-knob control system that controls every single hardware parameter on the interface, and displays every adjustment made by the user on the screen in real-time. 

This means producers can tweak, adjust and modify to their heart’s content as they’re working, taking full control of the session without getting lost in complex submenus or opening up their laptop.


(Image credit: Audient)

The EVO 16 delivers unmatched audio performance, an intuitive control system and multi-channel Smartgain, with more I/O than you’ll find from any other competitor in this price bracket. Super-sizing the EVO concept and building on the success of its smaller counterparts, this game-changing interface is a studio powerhouse that makes precise, professional recording easy. 

Find out more about the EVO 16 on Audient's website.