Eventide at Recording Week 2023: Charting new spatial territory with Eventide Blackhole Immersive and Micropitch Immersive

Blackhole Immersive and MicroPitch Immersive

RECORDING WEEK 2023: Eventide has announced Blackhole® Immersive and MicroPitch Immersive. The two plug-ins are designed from the ground up for surround and immersive workflows, including Dolby Atmos®. 

Blackhole Immersive expands the signature sound of the stereo version of Eventide’s otherworldly reverb across an entire immersive mix. Eventide’s iconic MicroPitch panned pitch and delay effect is relied upon by legions of engineers for the creation of beautiful and wide stereo sound fields. Now, with MicroPitch Immersive, the proven power of strategically decorrelated sound is pushed into three dimensions. 

Blackhole Immersive

Blackhole Immersive

(Image credit: Eventide)

With Blackhole Immersive, the enhanced workflow gives full control over the reverb across channels, for an evolving immersive experience – from subtle to radical.

Used as a send or insert, Blackhole Immersive remains respectful yet reactive to track positioning. Blackhole Immersive’s Gravity, Size and Feedback parameters allow fast, easy tailoring of the reverb to an immersive space while the crossfeed control lets users blend the reverb between speakers – a mono source can become truly immersive with one simple gesture.

MicroPitch Immersive

Micropitch Immersive

(Image credit: Eventide)

MicroPitch Immersive users can spread, tilt and dynamically morph the effect across the width, depth and height of an immersive mix. 

With up to 12 channels of spatialized, detuned delays, plus modulation, EQ and crossfeed controls, MicroPitch Immersive excels in creating both real and unreal immersive realities with boundaries that reflect, move, diffuse, and dissolve. Tilting the Left/Right, Front/Back and Top/Main Detune parameters allow quick and easy asymmetrical detuning and space fine tuning. The plugin’s enhanced delay and modulation capability can be used to create slapbacks, add movement with pitch modulation, or create exciting motion with patterned Loop Delay. 

Charting new spatial territory

The clean and intuitive interface of the Eventide Immersive plug-ins seamlessly fits into production, whether the project is mixing music, post-production for film, or sound design for games.

Both plug-ins feature an easy-to-use UI optimized for immersive workflows with identical core controls for all channel layouts – no menu diving is required. The plug-ins’ transparent signal processing delivers the same sonic effect across all immersive formats and maintain incoming spatial image integrity. 

With both plug-ins, the Front, Top and Rear speakers can be EQ’d separately, and users can morph between two distinct settings smoothly and seamlessly – ideal for sound design. 

Individual speaker levels can be quickly set using the integrated Levels control section whether mixing in the supported LCR, Quadraphonic, 5.0-5.1.4, and 7.0-7.1.4 channel layouts. Kill Dry, Kill Wet and Freeze controls allow the creation of drastic effects, while the Mix Lock function allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant. The intuitive, resizable GUI offers Undo/Redo and A/B comparison. Both the plug-ins come with comprehensive presets libraries. 

There's more information about Eventide Blackhole Immersive here.

There's more information about Eventide MicroPitch Immersive here.

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