EVE Audio introduces new two-way studio monitor SC2070

Studio monitors sit at the heart of almost every producer’s set-up. There’s a strong case to be made that the monitors are the most essential element in the contemporary music maker’s arsenal, the make-or-break aspect that must be considered with the utmost importance before any other piece of equipment in the studio.

After all, they are the medium through which we hear everything we record, play or produce, and an inadequate pair of monitors will likely lead to difficulties across all stages of the production process.

That’s why EVE Audio are committed to developing premium quality studio monitors that provide a transparent, accurate sound, allowing you to hear your mixes with clarity and detail while taking advantage of the latest innovations in audio technology. 

The manufacturer is today unveiling a new monitoring solution, the SC2070, that continues this tradition. Combining the technological brilliance of the SC3070 and the TEC Award-winning SC4070 in a compact and portable 2-way monitor, the SC2070 brings EVE’s unparalleled designs into the home studio. 

The SC2070 is equipped with a newly developed version of EVE’s signature Air Motion Transformer, the RS7. This, the largest AMT available in a 2-way monitor, has been custom-designed to complement the SC2070 system and reach an impressively low crossover frequency of 1800Hz. 

As a result, the SC2070’s midrange imaging is assured at levels previously only found in 3-way systems, and the high and upper mids are recreated with an admirable level of detail and clarity. 

This brand new AMT is coupled to an instantly recognisable 6.5” SilverCone woofer, built using a honeycomb-structured, glass fibre-coated sandwich diaphragm that helps to hit the right balance between rigidity and low resonance.

The woofer is driven by a copper cap magnet system that’s designed to avoid harmonic distortion and achieve impressive transparency at higher sound pressure levels, while a 1.5” voice coil makes for a precise, dynamic bass response and delivers greater linear excursion in comparison to similarly sized monitors.

eve audio

(Image credit: EVE Audio)

The monitors are controlled using EVE Audio’s signature SMART-knob, enabling the user to instantly adjust the high-resolution DSP that enables you to fine-tune the monitor’s sound and tailor its acoustic profile to the space you’re working in. 

The SMART-knob gives you control over several filter sections and volume control. This includes a high shelf filter, in which frequencies above 6kHz can be adjusted from -5dB to +3dB, and a low shelf filter that makes the same adjustments possible at frequencies below 100z. 

A desktop filter provides a notch at 80Hz when set up, or 200Hz when set down. Equipped with a dimmable LED ring and push-button functionality, the SMART-knob allows for smart and intuitive control of the monitor’s DSP.

The DSP is supported by a high-quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown, and directly connected to two Class D amplifiers with no additional conversion, to ensure extreme reliability and deliver a max output level of 116dB. 

Like the rest of EVE Audio’s product range, the SC2070 is solidly constructed and built to last. An optimised, low-resonance enclosure with a reinforced front baffle ensures endurance and stability, while bevelled cabinet edges reduce sound diffraction. 

The SC2070 reaches new heights for studio monitors, delivering precise reproduction of high and mid-range frequencies and a balanced system response while providing superior clarity and transparency across the entire frequency range.

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eve audio

(Image credit: EVE Audio)