Earthquaker Devices releases the Blumes overdrive pedal for bass

Earthquaker Devices Blumes pedal
(Image credit: Earthquaker Devices)

The Plumes overdrive pedal is one of Earthquaker Devices' most popular effects, and now the Blumes bass version aims to widen the appeal further. And like its predecessor, it comes at a very tempting price. 

Like the Plumes, this 'Low Signal Shredder' is based on a tube amp-like gain circuit as the Plumes with the same three clipping options (symmetrical LED, asymmetrical silicon, no diode op-amp drive). However, the circuit has been modified to offer twice as much gain and deeper bass response.

Until the midday setting on the Gain control, it's reminiscent of the Plumes but from then on you're in the new Blumes territory.

The true bypass analogue overdrive pedal also features Flexi-Switch Technology to offer momentary and traditional latching-style switching from its footswitch. 

The Earthquaker Devices Blumes is $99 / £115  and is available from Sweetwater.

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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