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EarthQuaker Devices issues a host of updates to 5 popular pedals

EarthQuaker Devices is continuing its quest to bring all its pedals to updated specs, with updates to the Night Wire, Space Spiral, Hummingbird, Tentacle and Arrows.

Hummingbird V4, Arrows V2 and Tentacle V2 feature soft-touch relay switching systems - Arrows V2 and Tentacle V2 have new enclosures with top-mounted I/Os, too.

What’s more, the Night Wire V2, Space Spiral V2, Tentacle V2 and Hummingbird V4 now possess EQD’s flexi-switch, which offers latching and momentary modes.

Finally, Night Wire V2 also features an update circuit, which promises to increase its signal-to-noise ratio, and adds output and tonal versatility.

The Night Wire V2 (£205), Space Spiral V2 (£205), Hummingbird V4 (£165), Tentacle V2 (£135) and Arrows V2 (£105) are available now. See EarthQuaker Devices for more info.

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