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EarthQuaker Devices’ Data Corrupter will completely mangle your guitar signal - in a good way

EarthQuaker Devices has unveiled its latest wild creation, the Data Corrupter, a three-voice Modulated Monophonic Phase-Locked Loop Harmonizer. Phewph.

Essentially, the Data Corrupter turns a guitar signal into a square wave fuzz tone, before it’s multiplied and modulated, adding an analogue synth tone up to three octaves below or above the original signal, and extra harmonies on top.

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A Frequency Modulator enables smooth pitch-bends in Glide mode, or laser-like effects in Vibrato mode, while a rotary selects one of eight Master Oscillator programs.

It’s a lot to get your head around, but judging from the demo above, the Data Corruptor sounds gnarly indeed.

It’s available now for £225 - head over to EarthQuaker Devices for more info.

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