E-Instruments expands iOS product range with brand new Upright Piano app, Pure Upright

When we think of a piano, it’s likely we’ll think of a grand piano. They’re expensive, quality instruments that are well-balanced and perfectly tuned, used across classical recordings and in symphony orchestras. 

Providing a precise and measured sound, they’re beloved by players and listeners alike for their pristine, clean tone. However, that’s far from the only sound that the piano can offer. 

Pure Upright from e-instruments captures the nuanced, characterful tone of the instrument behind some of the most widely loved genres. The grand piano may be used in orchestras and operas, but the upright piano lies behind the music we listen to every single day: blues, pop, soul and R&B. Packed with personality, it’s a sound that many of us are intimately familiar with, like the piano in your grandma’s living room.

E-instruments launched Pure Piano last year, and it’s quickly become one of the most popular professional iOS grand piano apps, beloved by amateurs and pros alike. This year, they’re riding that wave and channelling their enthusiasm for high quality virtual instruments into their latest development, Pure Upright. It’s a multi-sampled virtual instrument for iOS that delivers exactly the same level of quality, clarity and detail that a top-end, studio-grade desktop plugin or VST would offer, but it’s available to use on your phone or tablet. 

pure upright

(Image credit: e-instruments)

Not only backed by an incredible sound, Pure Upright also delivers an impressive array of features. The app’s intuitive interface enables quick and easy manipulation of the piano’s sound, making instant sonic exploration a breeze. It’s based around the Morph Pad, an XY-style grid that enables users to morph between nine different piano sounds.

Each sound achieves remarkably different tonal characteristics, from conventional tones like Vintage, Intimate, and Cinematic to more experimental sounds like Reversed and Gated. The player can mix and blend between these in real time, using the Morph Pad.

Pure Upright is equipped with a 3-band equalizer, which enables users to boost or cut specific frequencies to fit their needs, whether that be to fit the piano in the mix of a full arrangement or just to tweak the EQ to their preference.

There’s also two powerful audio effects on board that offer in-depth control. The reverb effect can be fine-tuned to create a gentle sense of space, or maxed out to produce ambient soundscapes. Pure Upright’s delay effect is equipped with similarly deep controls: the amount, delay time, and feedback can all be calibrated to the player’s tastes, and if you are using the instrument as AUv3 within a host such as Garageband you can sync the delay to the tempo of your track. 

Another fantastic feature that separates Pure Upright from other virtual instruments is the ability to dial in both key noise and pedal noise, resulting in a close-mic’d and intimate sound, or reduce it for a clean and pure tone.

To celebrate the launch of Pure Upright, e-instruments are offering a phenomenal price for a limited time. The app will be available at 50% off until the 5th of September 2022.

Pure Upright requires iOS 14 or above, and 1.1GB of space for installation.

Visit E-instruments.com to find out more.