The Week in Drums – injury special!

Joey Kramer at the kit
Joey Kramer at the kit (Image credit: A. Patel/Corbis)

It's been a right old week for drumming's elite, with injuries and illness all over the place.

First off, Kings of Leon sticksman Nathan Followill was put out of action after breaking several ribs in an accident on the band's tour bus. The band cancelled several shows after the incident, although they managed to still play the Jimmy Fallon Show, with house drummer Questlove filling in.

Aerosmith were also forced to call off some dates this week after Joey Kramer was taken ill. Kramer is reportedly suffering from heart complications.

Finally, Tim Alexander remains out of action for Primus, having recently undergone heart surgery, and Tool's Danny Carey has been named as the band's fill-in sticksman.

Primus leader Les Claypool tells Rolling Stone: "The mighty Tim 'Herb' Alexander is a polyrhythmic viking of extreme and unique talent so the one person that we thought could step into his shoes and do it justice is the one and only Mr Danny Carey."

All at Rhythm would like to wish speedy recoveries for Nathan Followill, Joey Kramer and Tim Alexander.

Rich Chamberlain

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