DW Jazz Series drums

This kit doesn't just groove, it swings
This kit doesn't just groove, it swings

Jazz drumming requires a certain melodic touch, a sweetness, a je ne sais quoi. Vintage kits, known for their warm, round tones, have long been lusted after by beboppers and jazzers. But now DW offers a fresh alternative.

Like jazz itself, the new DW Jazz Series drums come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. But consistent on all kits are DW's Jazz Drum shells, made from the finest North American hard rock maple and gum wood -- they offer a tone that is dark and warm but with plenty of clarity and attack.

Each Jazz Series kit comes standard with die-cast hoops, a DW first. Next, each kit comes fitted with DW coated/crimped heads made by Remo U.S.A. Even the floor tom legs are forged from aluminum to offer a lighter-weight option for working drummers. In short, no detail has been overlooked.

The main Jazz Series configuration features common jazz-sized toms -- an 8x12 banana-mounted rack and 14x14 floor. The snare is a 5x14 -- very popular amongst beboppers. The 16x18 bass drum is deeper than most vintage-style kicks. The additional 2" of depth adds extra weight to the sound. But with numerous setups and sizes to choose from, one can truly tailor a Jazz Series kit to suit any style. The finishes range from Royal Blue to Tobacco Fade to Gold Glass to the sky's the limit. However, in tribute to the late jazz drumming legend Tony Williams, any DW Jazz Series kit can be customized in "TW Yellow" Lacquer Custom, the exact color Tony hand-picked for his original DW kit.

Prices vary according to kit configuration and finish.

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