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BLOG: 7 bands who should fire their drummer, apparently

© Iron Maiden Holding Ltd - Photographer: Ross Halfin
© Iron Maiden Holding Ltd - Photographer: Ross Halfin

Inspired by an interview with Owen Pallet of Final Fantasy, New York Magazine has put together a list of bands who should fire their drummer immediately. Why? Owen Pallet is practically a one-man musical outfit and claims: “drummers ruin bands”. So, he doesn´t employ one. Or a bass player for that matter.

Here´s a shortened down version of the list - take a look at the original article for the full reasoning behind each choice…

The Raconteurs
Reason: Curious to hear what they could do with just a pair of guitars and a mandolin

Reason: They should use a drum machine instead of trying to get Phil Selway to play like one

Iron Maiden
Reason: Nicko McBrain totally sucks

Reason: They´d sound even whiter without a backbeat

Vampire Weekend
Reason: So they sound less like Graceland-era Paul Simon

Reason: Without Will Champion their songs might be four minutes shorter

Ringo Starr´s All-Star Band
Reason: The band would sound better if they weren´t playing Ringo´s crappy songs

Our thoughts: Ringo paved the way for rock drumming as we know it, Nicko McBrain clearly doesn´t suck, drum machines and Phil Selway already exist together in perfect harmony… we could go on, but we won´t. There´s not enough server space.

By Tom Porter

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