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Featuring Thomas Lang's ultimate drumming boot camp!
Featuring Thomas Lang's ultimate drumming boot camp!

This month we put you through the ultimate drumming boot camp as Thomas Lang blitzes your bad hits and whips your rudiments into shape in our huge cover feature.

Lang gives you an insight into how he became one of the world's most mind-blowing drummers and gives you the drills that you need to nail to become a drum god.

Plus: Visit Rhythm's YouTube or pick up our digital edition for video lessons from Thomas!


Beanie (Rudimental)
Jason Bittner picks his essential albums
Neil Peart on drum solos
Carl Palmer, Jose Pasillas, Bill Ward and Will Calhoun talk art!
Tommy Lee on the final days of Mötley Crüe
Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch)
Chris Adler (Lamb of God)
Kenny Aronoff of honouring The Beatles
Steve Gorman recalls a Black Crowes hit

Plus: The latest part of our hybrid drumming series


C&C Player Date II drum kit
Sabian Cymbal Vote winning cymbals
Odery Custom snare drums
Roland Handsonic
Toontrack Rock Factory sample pack
Leiva cajon


Learn how to play '50,000 Unstoppable Watts' by Clutch, The Beatles classic 'Twist and Shout' and 'The Way I Tend To Be' by Frank Turner. Plus there's all of your favourite regular lessons from Pete Riley, Jason Bowld, Colin Woolway and more.


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