Donner's BackBeat brings together innovation with playability as the only electronic drum kit on the market with customizable LED lighting

Donner's BackBeat is the manufacturer’s latest entry into the world of electronic drum kits, an area in which Donner has already made waves with its DED range of affordable electronic kits. 

The BackBeat comes in at the top of the Donner range, priced at $1399, with premium hardware, fantastic innovations and useful features that make it one of the most appealing electronic drum kits on the market. 

BackBeat’s most eye-catching feature is its interactive LED drum pads; as the only electronic drum kit on the market with built-in, customizable lighting, it offers a fantastic visual experience in addition to its world-class sound. Custom colours can be selected for the ring of light that surrounds each drum pad using the BackBeat’s intuitive interface, accessed through a 7” touchscreen. This means that BackBeat can be used to produce phenomenal light displays that react to the beats you’re playing.

BackBeat doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too

BackBeat doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too. With 50 pre-installed drum kits and 1100+ VST-quality individual samples, it arrives with an extensive array of sounds to choose from when crafting your unique vibe on the kit. It’s great for learners, and comes with over 200 practice techniques; simply load up a rudiment on the touchscreen and practice while receiving real-time feedback. It’s well-equipped to hook up with other gear, too - you can use the MIDI Out to play other instruments or connect to your DAW and record your playing via multi-channel USB audio.

Each sound can be fine-tuned via the touchscreen, with three-band EQ, tuning, muffling and pan for each voice, and four effects (compressor, reverb, filter and delay) on individual channels and the master. BackBeat is easy to set-up, too, and once it’s built, there’s no fussing around with cables, thanks to smart cable management and internal rack wiring, an innovation that won Donner the 2023 Red Dot Design Award. 

While innovations are great, when it comes to an electronic drum kit, what matters most is the hardware. On that front, Donner has delivered. Its 4 Dual-Zone Mesh drum pads play beautifully and are complemented by 3 Dual-Zone cymbals, complete with choke, and a solid kick pad with room enough for a double pedal.

BackBeat brings together advanced technology with solid and reliable craftsmanship to produce a kit that’s great for everyone from beginners to professionals. If you’re looking for a modern electronic drum kit with an array of unique features and useful capabilities, Donner’s BackBeat would make a great choice.

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