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DiMarzio unveils Vintage P90 guitar pickup in soapbar, dog ear and full-sized humbucker formats

DiMarzio has unveiled the Vintage P90 electric guitar pickup, available in soapbar, dog ear and full-sized humbucker formats.

The Vintage P90 promises to be a recreation of late-’50s Gibson single coils, capturing those pickups’ midrange grit.

DiMarzio has equipped the Vintage P90 with calibrated dual Alnico V sandcast magnets, while the winding comes courtesy of a specially made vintage winding machine custom-designed by the company in order to ape the growl of a ’50s Les Paul.

Elsewhere, the pickups use vintage tape, braided single-conductor hookup cable and un-dipped coils.

The Vintage P90 soapbar, dog ear ($89 each) and full-sized humbucker ($114) are available now.

See DiMarzio for more info.

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