Dexibell’s Vivo S1 gives you the sound of an acoustic piano in a compact digital keyboard

You might think that, when it comes to digital pianos, there’s little or no room left for innovation, but Dexibell has other ideas. Having shaken up the market with its True To Life technology, which is designed to enable an acoustic-like experience from a digital instrument, the company is now packing this into a truly portable keyboard in the form of the Vivo S1 stage piano.

This is a piano that you can take and play anywhere, thanks to its low weight - it comes in at just 8.5kg - battery power and compact size. The Vivo S1 has a 68-note keyboard and a slick aluminium case, so it looks as good as it sounds.

Speaking of sound, the Vivo S1 operates at 24-bit/48kHz, far exceeding the 16-bit/44.1kHz digital piano standard and delivering 256 times greater levels of detail. This means improved frequency response and dynamic range, resulting in greater realism.

What’s more, the waveforms in the S1 are three to 15 times longer than in many of its rivals, so sustained notes evolve completely naturally. You don’t need to worry about polyphony, either; the Vivo S1 can handle an unlimited number of notes.

Versatile, realistic and portable, the Vivo S1 is the digital piano you’ve been looking for if you want something that sounds and feels great but won’t weigh you down. Find out more on the Dexibell website.