Danelectro gets Foxxy again with its new 3699 fuzz pedal

Fuzz fans rejoice! Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger was the creator of the renowned '70s FOXX 3699 Tone Machine fuzz pedal and now his company is bringing it back at the 3699 Fuzz.

The company are clear that this is a reissue, and it will supply you with the thick bottom end and rounded tones that made the original such a winner. There's some tweaks this time too.

Upgrades include independent foot switchable octave, now packing a significantly more pronounced octave shift for your chords and dusty end solo runs.

Other new features also include a mini-toggle switch for a boost in the mid-range (this is to counteract the mid-cut of the original Foxxtone pedal) and true bypass switching.

(Image credit: Danelectro)

Danelectro nods to the past with the red finish and custom wear and tear finish that also includes aged knobs large lens orange on/off indicator. Ridinger has also reintroduced the original analogue circuitry and included decades old NOS transistors. These are gain selected to produce a narrow gain range for 'sweet tones'. 

More fuzz

Danelectro say that the overall tone of the new 3699 is also warmer, and its tone control gives you access to a massive range of fuzz. But one question still remains; why is it called the 3699?

Back in the ’70s, it was considered pretty hip for a company to have a phone number that spelled out the name of its product. Ridinger figured out which numbers were needed to spell F-O-X-X were 3-6-9-9. In a bizarre twist, this was already the phone number for his then-company FOXX. Sounds like fate to us. 

The 3699 Fuzz is priced at $199. For more info head to danelectro.com

Rob Laing
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