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D’Addario's XT strings are its most technologically advanced yet

D'Addario XT strings
(Image credit: D'Addario)

D’Addario has revolutionised the guitar string countless times, but its latest creation is its most technologically advanced yet - meet XT.

XT combines all of our favourite D’Addario features – high-carbon NY Steel, fusion twist technology and those instantly recognisable coloured ball ends – with a new and revolutionary life-span treatment applied to every string in the set, to give you a string that lasts up to three times longer than traditional strings.

We know coated strings aren’t for everyone, but the coating on D’Addario XT strings is so thin, they provide a natural feel just like your favourite uncoated strings, with an unnatural lifespan.

This revolutionary new treatment means that you get increased corrosion resistance, teamed with the tone and playability you’ve come to expect from D’Addario.

What’s more, XT strings are up to 42% stronger and stay in tune 131% better than traditional strings, for a performance that never fades away.

XT strings are available this September for acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar, as well as mandolin and banjo.

To see how XT strings can change the way you play, head over to D’Addario.