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Chase Bliss Audio invites you into its Dark World with new dual-channel reverb pedal

Chase Bliss Audio can always be relied upon to push the sonic boat out, and its latest, the fully digital Dark World dual-channel reverb pedal, looks set to be no exception.

The Dark World is a collaborative effort: Cooper FX supplies the ‘Dark’ channel, inspired by its degraded VCR-emulating Generation Loss and Outward designs; while Keeley Electronics delivers the ‘World’ channel, with hall, plate and spring algorithms.

Combining the two promises a mesmerising palette of tones, spanning classic reverb to broken cassette, glitch shimmer and infinite freeze.

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As per Chase Bliss’s other designs, there’s deep digital control and full MIDI support, plus dip switches and slick preset implementation.

Yep, as expected, we want one. The Dark World is available now via Chase Bliss Audio for $349.

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