Caroline Guitar Company goes lo-fi with its Megabyte delay pedal

The Megabtye isn't the Caroline Guitar Company's first ride at the lo-fi delay pedal rodeo, but it's certainly looking like a significant update to the well-received Kilobyte.

The South Carolina-based company also claims the Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay Computer peda is a 'nastier' proposition. In a good way, of course. There's now two lo-fi digital chips for double the delay time (up to 1200ms), plus tap tempo and the choice of trails or true bypass.

(Image credit: Caroline Guitar Company)

The tap-tempo has three subdivisions and the nastier element comes in with the Havoc control. 

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When you hold down the Havoc knob it will send the Megabyte (£259 / $249.99) into self-oscillation with a fiesta of feedback. This is now paired to the tap switch to go with the +21db drive preamp and modulation for the delay side. 

On the inside of the pedal are additional controls for a 100% dry-kill for recording and a maximum headroom option on the Havoc/oscillation side.

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