Carlos Santana's 'magic' 2017 PRS Silver Sky prototype guitar is up for sale… and it's expensive

(Image credit: Reverb)

A PRS John Mayer Silver Sky prototype owned by Carlos Santana is up for sale on Reverb for $82,926, and it's said to be a particularly 'magic' guitar.

The Onyx finish model with alder body, maple neck and East Indian rosewood fretboard comes with a signed verification letter from Paul Reed Smith and the PRS Director of Sales Jim Cullen to confirm its authenticity as a Silver Sky prototype that was sent to the guitar company's first ever signature artist, Carlos Santana.

The late 2017 PRS Silver Sky is said to be one of the very few 'magic' prototype guitars, regarded as so good that the production models were based on them. Good enough to be sent to Santana for evaluation. Although, cleary he didn't hold on to it as the current seller is based in the Netherlands. 

Find out more at Reverb.

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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