Canadian radio station plays RATM's Killing In The Name on repeat for hours after presenters are laid off

Tom Morello
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We never get tired of a great riff, and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has penned more than a few all-time classics. But a Vancouver-based pop radio station KiSS Radio 104.9 FM is currently testing its listeners’ tolerance to Morello’s funk-metal riffing, after RATMS’ Killing In The Name has been played back-to-back since 06:30 PDT on Wednesday.

While the reason for the endless cycle of Killing In The Name isn’t entirely clear, it all began after morning hosts, Kevin Lim and Sonia Sidhu announced on Tuesday that they’d be leaving the station after a five-year tenure. This was followed by afternoon presenter Tara Jean Stevens announcing that she is also set to leave the station. 

"KiSS is changing and unfortunately we were informed that we won't be part of this new chapter." the duo said in a statement. "Although this comes with mixed emotions, we want to express one overwhelming feeling: gratitude.

"First and foremost, thank you...our loyal listeners and now friends. We are so incredibly thankful for everyone who shared their mornings with us and invited us into their lives through the radio and our podcast. We've never taken you for granted."

The Vancouver Sun reports that listeners have been calling-in to request songs, only to be ignored and served up more Killing In The Name with the only interruptions coming from sporadic reminders that we’re listening to KiSS 104.9. 

Meanwhile, The Guardian contacted KISS Radio, and spoke with a man who asked to be called Apollo after Rocky’s Apollo Creed, who told the publication, “I’m not allowed to say. I’m just a guy in a booth, just letting the Rage play over and over. What do you think? Do you like it?”.

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Tom Morello also took to Twitter to show his support by retweeting a message from a fan informing him of the protest, accompanied by a gif of The Shawshank Redemption’s Andy Dufresne relaxing after locking himself in the Governer’s office.

However, while it appears that the station has had control of its airwaves hijacked by defiantly protesting programmers, some are suggesting that this is merely a cunning publicity stunt as the typically pop and classics-based radio station heads for a possible change in direction to a more rock-oriented programming.

At the time of writing, it’s been almost 24 hours and the song is still playing. You can check in on its progress here.

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